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This concert was a tribute to the 1970’s musical artists who came on the music scene just after the breakup of the Beatles.

Following the Spring concert of 2017, the PCS Singers Brampton determined to explore the story of what happened to popular music following the breakup of the Beatles. The ’70s emerged as a time of development and synthesis of unique voices and instrument stylings, rhythms found in ballads, heavy metal, Motown, soul, R&B. The original intensity and complex rhythms of a ’70s song’s solo was reconstructed in this production through the 4-part harmony of choir voices and the support of the instrumental musicians to unify the chorus with dynamic rhythmic movement.

“Neither rain nor snow nor sleet . . . ” If you remember your weather history, Saturday April 14, 2018 – a day chosen because it is well into Spring – there was rain, and snow, and sleet on the day of the ‘Beatles, Beyond the Revolution’ concert. Nevertheless, most of the singers, the instrumentalists (except for the electric bass guitar) and the conductor all came and performed the show to a SMALL but ENTHUSIASTIC audience.

In order to honour the ticket holders who could not attend in 2018 due to the weather the concert was restaged the following spring – hence, two posters and two fabulous and memorable concerts.